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Aim & Scope

The open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed Obrana a strategie journal has been published since 2001. It focuses on security and strategic studies, military affairs, international relations, and other related issues. It is intended for contributors and readers professionally active in areas of security and defence: security experts, members of armed forces, academic staff, students of respective disciplines (security and strategic studies, international relations, political science, etc.), and other interested parties from the Czech and international security communities.

The aim of the journal is to:

  • provide space for presentation and sharing the latest expertise of domestic and foreign origin in the area of security and strategic studies;
  • form a platform for more extensive mutual information sharing and communication between the army environment and civil security community;
  • cultivate the expert debate over issues related to defence and security.

The area of security and strategic studies is an extremely important part of social research. The issues associated with the defence and security are and will be more and more at the center of professional and common public attention. The Obrana a strategie is trying to answer the growing demand for professional information in this field.

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