African Contexts of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP)

Lubomír ČECH

In the recent period, we are witnesses of an increased interest in African continent. The report based on the process of the European security and defense policy creation points at historical connections and relations of both continents. It accepts the genesis of EU – Africa relations and in a short analysis of key documents of the main EU institutions it emphasizes the endeavor to get mutual relations to a new level of a common strategy. This effort is conditioned by successful economy and social development in Africa. The EU therefore puts pressure in conflict prevention, mediation, humanitarian intervention and demobilization in tools within the ESDP implementation in its African contexts. Hand in hand with the endeavor to keep the peace and conflicts prevention, it joined more actively into the processes of revival after a conflict, by which it helped to provide a smooth change between the intervention help and help by a sustainable development of Africa.

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