Apology of the Security Science


Disintegration of the Soviet empire evoked acute necessity to solve doctrinal and strategic issues of national security by new actors, i. e. former states of the Warsaw Pact. Since the beginning, it was clear that peculiar scientific schools supportive to requirements of the security praxis are absent. Therefore, it is obvious that while creating new security strategies of the mentioned states (including former Czechoslovakia), the knowledge and know-how of subsistent and implanted scientific schools in the field of national security were applied. However, the subsequent developments have not only created both room and conditions for a free scholastic activity, but also societal praxis by itself have created a call for research on security issues in its complexities. The identification of necessities and calls is being reflected in existing opinions on security science. The security science should not only develop new theoretical concepts, but should also fulfill requirements of the praxis. The ambition of such perception’s supporters is not to suppress different concepts, but to find a platform for a consensus in the field of security research.

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