Operational art in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and vision of its development


The article familiarizes readers with author´s perspective on status of the operational Art in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (AF CR). He argues that the AF CR community of military “thinkers” has for a long time fallen behind of conceptual developments and discussion regarding operational art that have occurred in other NATO member´s countries. Although the “tactical experience” is vital, there exists “operational inexperience”. A recovery of Czech operational art is necessary because if the AF CR is faced by a parallel requirement to be a global ‘security contributor’ and a possible regional ‘security leader’. Future operational art must seek to reflect a conceptual framework and to integrate both emerging functions. With the view of developing a appropriate construct of 21st century operational art, the AF CR must take a number of reforms. Such reforms include adopting a functional approach to operational concept development, improving doctrines, developing comprehensive operation planning and establishing significant reforms into the professional military education system.

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