International seminar ’Serbian foreign policy perspectives and alternatives’

Together with the Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs from Bratislava the Centre for Civil-Military Relations organized one day seminar ’Serbian foreign policy perspectives and alternatives’.

The seminar main topic was the process of the Euro-Atlantic integration of Serbia as well as the comparative experiences of the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia which are relevant for Serbia and its foreign policy priorities. The representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, Milan Milanović and Nikola Lunić, presented Serbia - NATO cooperation and military cooperation within the Partnership for Peace programme respectively. The CCMR director, Sonja Stojanović, spoke about Serbian foreign policy within the South East Europian regional security context. The representatives of the Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies from the Czech Republic, the Polish Institute of International Relations, the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy from Hungary and Slovakian representatives spoke on foreign policy priorities of their own countries, but also on which ways Visegrad countries could support Serbia in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration.

Common element in foreign policy agendas of these countries is undisputable support for Serbia’s Euro - Atlantic integration, notwithstanding whether Serbia is among their foreign policy priorities, as in Slovakian case, or the cooperation with Serbia is not on the list of priorities, as in the case of Poland. The representative of the EU Integration Office of the Republic of Serbia, Sanja Mešanović, emphasized that the goal the Office is working on is the candidate status in 2009. Mešanović highlighted Office’s high respect for the cooperation with the non-governmental sector, which has been one of the recommendations given by the Visegrad four representatives to the team which works on the process of Serbia’s Euro - Atlantic integration.

Seminar pictures:

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