Peace Building and Development

Center for Security Studies in cooperation with Partners Czech will arrange a seminar focused on the topic "Peace Building and Development".

LECTOR: Mgr. Lenka Dušková
DATE: 11. March 2010, Time: 13:20 - 16:00
PLACE: Metropolitní univerzita Praha, o.p.s., Dubečská 900/10, room no. 307

Attendance is free of charge, no registration is required.

  • to introduce the basic concepts, activities and challenges of peace building and development cooperation
  • to explore the possible relationships between development and securit
  • to debate the role of development interventions in transforming the conflicts and creating the conditions for sustainable peace


The participants will be guided through the key theoretical concepts in short presentations and also have the chance to learn how to apply them critically and creatively during discussions, team work and simulations.


Session 1:
Shift in the paradigm?

  • wider security approach as a chance for finding relationship between development cooperation and peace building

Session 2:
Three dimensions of linking security and development

  • impact of conflicts and tensions on (under)development
  • impact of (under)development on conflicts and tensions
  • impact of development interventions on conflict and tensions

Session 3:
Conflict sensitive development

  • understand what fuels the conflicts and tensions
  • minimize the unintended harmful impacts of the development interventions
  • see how can development interventions strengthen the local capacities for peace and support the peace building initiatives
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