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Please, let me introduce another issue of the Obrana a strategie journal, bringing an above-average number of attractive texts, which attests to the growing interest of authors and readers in our journal. Before briefly introducing its contents, I would like to point out some of the currently implemented or prepared changes, which will affect the Obrana a strategie journal in 2015. In order to increase the attractiveness of our periodical, we are preparing modernisation of its visual style for the following year. Similarly, the Guidelines for Authors have been also updated. The most important change which will affect all prospective contributors consists in updating the templates for contributions, which have been completely revised, adjusted and simplified. The second important change is the discontinuation of the Forum, mainly due to the low interest of authors in this feature, allowing for maximum share of the peer-reviewed content of the journal and better accessibility for foreign databases.

The contents of this issue start with two articles related to Africa. The first one, from the pair of authors Tomáš Černohous and Zdeněk Kříž, deals with the capability of the African Union to exercise political, peacekeeping, and peacemaking role within its doctrine of conflict management. The second text, from Zdeněk Ludvík, focuses on the current security situation in African Mali with an emphasis on the retreat of the state authorities, or replacement of its authority by another one, and its disintegration and fragmentation. Also the following two texts are thematically related, both dedicated to the countries of the Visegrad Four. The first one, by Jakub Kufčák, is dedicated to austerity cuts in defence budgets and their impact on the armed forces of the V4 countries. The pair of authors Michal Paulech and Jana Urbanovská aims to explore the content of mutual military cooperation of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia in the building of a common EU battle group.

The following two papers take us into the world of modern technology. The article by Adam Strauch deals with the latest anti-satellite weapons and their slow proliferation. Nikola Schmidt dedicates his text to the concept of a hybrid war, which is, due to the recent events in the world, becoming and increasingly examined phenomenon in security studies, along with a few selected conflicts, with an emphasis on information operations. The problem of system dynamics and its application in the process of sharing military capabilities is the topic of the article by Antonin Novotný and Dalibor Procházka. Another contribution is from Vendula Divišová and addresses strategic communications in counter-insurgency NATO operations. The final article, by Libor Stejskal, is dedicated to voluntary civil participation in ensuring national defence.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you all the best in the coming year 2015 and thank you for your previous attention on behalf of myself, the Editorial Board, and all co-workers who participate on the publishing of the Obrana a strategie journal.

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14 December 2014

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