Dear readers,

I have the pleasure of introducing a new issue of the Obrana a strategie journal, full with interesting articles and this time especially reviews of many interesting publications.

The first one of the reviewed articles in this issue is the paper of Lukáš Tichý a Nikita Odintsov on energy security of the European Union in terms of its relations with Iran. The second article, written by the pair of authors Monika Grasseová-Motyčková and Eva Štepánková, addresses methods used to solve problems in the department of defence of the Czech Republic. The reader is familiarised with the theoretical background in the areas of problem types and phases of the decision-making process as well as with the methodology and the outputs of the already completed public opinion survey and the research of the issue. The third paper, written by Katarína Svitková, addresses concepts and practice of combat operations in urban environment. In view of the current conflicts in Iraq, Syria and other areas, the phenomenon of fighting in urban environment becomes still more topical, and thus it rightfully receives the space and attention on the pages of our journal. The fourth, and final, reviewed article by the pair of authors Michaela Klíčníková and Tomáš Černohous deals with the international status of Western Sahara, focusing on the conflict analysis and its meditation.

Apart from articles, this issue brings a number of reviews of interesting professional publications. It is not common for a review to be written by more than one author, however, such an extensive and specific publication as Povaha změny: Bezpečnost, rizika a stav dnešní civilizace (Nature of Change: Security, Risks and the State of Today's Civilisation) by the collective of authors led by Miroslav Bárta, Martin Kovář and Otakar Foltýn may even desire it. On the pages of Obrana a strategie, Richard Stojar and Antonín Novotný deal with individual contributions of this interesting publication in careful detail. Another reviewed book is by Marek Šusta - Pruvodce systémovým myšlením (Guide to System Thinking), presented by Dalibor Procházka.

In his review, Jan Kyselák presents the book Zásady ochrany spolecnosti (Society Defence Policies), written by the collective of authors under Rudolf Horák. Fabián Baxa writes about the pros and cons of the book by Zdeněk Kříž and Jana Urbanovská called Examining Armed Conflict: Theoretical Reflections on Selected Aspects. The publication with contributions of many other authors deals with the problem of armed conflicts in detail, addressing them on several different theoretical and practical levels. The last review in this issue is once again by Richard Stojar, this time about the publication by Přemysl Rosůlek entitled Albanians and the Republic of Macedonia (1991-2014).

Finally, let me wish you all the best and thank you for your previous attention on behalf of myself, the editorial board and all co-workers who participate on the publishing of the Obrana a strategie journal. I hope that you will enjoy reading and also wish you all the best to the New Year 2016.

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