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Let me introduce you the second issue of Obrana a strategie journal in 2019, in which we bring you three research texts. It should be noted at the outset that, in response to the inclusion of our magazine in increasingly prestigious databases, that a relatively large number of texts arrived for this issue. After a demanding process of assessment by the editorial board and the subsequent evaluation of expert reviewers, then a two-digit number originally left a trio of winning articles.

However, before moving on to the articles in this issue, let me share the good news. In connection with the databases mentioned above, it is a real pleasure to inform you that Obrana a strategie journal was included not only in the prestigious database The Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) within the Web of Science by Clarivate Analytics, but also in the SCOPUS database. The pursuit to been included in these databases have been a part of our work efforts over the last few years, so we are honoured that our commitment has been rewarded.

Compared to the previous issue, whose content was based largely on the theme of commemorating the anniversary of the establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in 1949 and the accession of the Czech Republic in 1999, this year's second issue is much more varied in composition. Let us introduce the articles.

Vladan Holcner wrote the scientific text starting this year’s second issue, and its main theme is 2% of GDP for defence expenditures. The author not only discusses the pros and cons of measuring defence spending through GDP, but also presents an analysis of Member States' defence burdens over the past decade in the context of NATO spending commitments.

The second text, written by Jitka Laštovková, Peter Brnula and Lukáš Novotný, examines a somewhat different level of defence and armed forces. In their analysis, the authors deal with the issue of contemporary war veterans, and are interested in how the Czech Republic takes care of its modern veterans.

The final text of this issue is the contribution of Jana Urbanovská, focused on the functioning of Germany as Europe's most important contributor to the UN peacekeeping operation in Mali.

The whole issue then concludes with reviews by Martin Havlík on the title Vnitřní a vnější dimenze bezpečnosti Evropské unie (Internal and external security dimensions in the EU) by the team of Helena Bauerová, Hana Hlaváčková and Milan Vošta. It is an inspiring work for all those who are professionally interested in ensuring security at the EU level.

Finally, let me thank you for your support and wish you all the best in the coming year 2020 on behalf of myself, the editorial board and all co-workers who participate on the publishing of the Obrana a strategie journal.

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