Anna ANTCZAK, Ph.D.,

Born in 1979. After graduating from English Philology at the University of Warsaw and gaining the degree of MA (2002), she continued studying at the second faculty – International Relations at the University of Warsaw (degree of MA in 2004). Then, she started an internship in the Embassies of the Republic of Poland in Washington, USA and Canberra, Australia. She began her professional career as a specialist in the Ministry of National Defense dealing with the European Defence Agency (2005). In the years 2005-2006, she worked as an academic teacher at Olympus University continuing her education on PhD studies at the University of Warsaw. In July 2006, she started working as a political assistant in Defense Attaché Office, American Embassy and gained her Doctor’s Degree in political science from Warsaw University in February 2007. Currently she works at the National Defence University as a spokesperson to the Rector-Commandant.

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