Doc. Ing. Josef JANOŠEC, CSc.

Born in 1951. He graduated from VAAZ Brno in geodesy and cartography (1971—1976). Scientific degree CSc. VAAZ Brno (1979—1984), scientific degree IIa, ČSAV (1990), 1 year at Faculty of Law UK Praha (1994—1995), associate professor at VA Brno (2004). He deals with research of security problems, state defence theory in connection with NATO and EU, and with strategic studies. His pedagogical activities are focused on state security and defence problem, planning, armed forces building, defence research and development. He participates in activities of research institutions on the level of RTO NATO, Ministry of Defence, and in management of interdisciplinary scientific teams and institutes (General staff, MoD, ISS MO, ÚOS Praha, IVOU Praha, ISS Univerzity of Defence Brno). At present he holds an office of a director of the Security research centre.

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