Geir Flikke was born in 1963. He earned his MA in Russian history and language at the University of Oslo (1993), and his doctoral degree at the University of Oslo on the dissertation The Failure of a Movement: The rise and fall of Democratic Russia (1989-92) (2006). From 2006 to 2010 he was Assistant Director at NUPI, and since 2009 Professor II at the High North Center in Bodř. He was also a fellow with the US National Security Institute at the University of Delaware in 2010. Flikke has taught Russian history at the University of Oslo and held courses in transitions to democratic rule from post-Soviet rule at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. His academic publication lists includes case studies of voting patterns in the Russian Duma, transition politics in Russia and Ukraine, and Russian foreign and security policies in the CIS area.

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