Plk. gšt. Ing. Vlastimil GALATÍK, CSc.

Born in 1956. Graduated from the Military University of the Ground Forces in 1980. During 1980–1986 at commanding and staff positions at the tank unit, 1986–1989 – graduate studies at Military Academy, 1989–1992 – internal scientific postgraduate, 1993 – military sciences graduate degree. During 1993-1998 he worked at the department of state defence control as a leader of the group for strategy, operational art and history of military art. In 1996 he passed senior academy course of the general staff and in 1999 C.I.D. (Joint Staff College) in Paris. Since October 1999 a deputy director and since 2005 a scientific research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Studies of the Military Academy and University of Defence in Brno. Since September 2008, Head of Defence Analyses and Conflict Research Group at the Institute of Strategic and Defence Studies of the University of Defence in Brno. He is an expert on theory of military art, military strategy and art of operation.

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