Pplk. gšt. Ing. Josef PROCHÁZKA, Ph.D.

Born in 1966. Graduated from Military Acadeny in Brno, field of study: special vehicle and tank equipment (1990). He was active in basic military ranks and on the level of Ministry of Defence and General Staff. In 1999 he was a liaison officer in an SFOR mission. In 2004—2005 he was an operation planning group leader at EUFOR headquarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1995 he participated in logistics fellowship in Germany. In 2002 he took a course on defence resources management in U.S.A. In 2005—2006 he took a General Staff’s course at University of Defence. In 2006 he finished his doctor study programme in military logistics successfully defending his dissertation “Strategic Approaches to Armament and their Utilization in the System”. By June 2007 he in charged of leading the ISS at University of Defence. Currently he is working for Defence Policy and Strategy section of the Ministry of Defence. He deals with strategic studies for the use in defence of the country in the area of managing human, financial and material resources. His publishing activities focus on the processes of professionalisation, acquisition, financing military expenses and logistics.

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