Pplk. Mgr. Janusz MIKA, Ph.D.

Born in 1970. Graduated from the Military Education University in Bratislava in adult education (1992). Service at air defence units (1992–1997). Personal marketing course at the Institute of Managament and Education Support – Military Academy in Brno (1996). Studied at Academy of National Defence in Warsaw – commanding - staff studies (1997–1999). Head of personal regiment group (1999). Postgraduate studies – history of military art subject – Academy of National Defence in Warsaw (1999–2002). Service at the the Czech Air Force units (2002–2003). Since 2003 he works at the Institute for Strategic Studies, University of Defence in Brno. He specialises in character and tendencies in the development of the military affairs, art of war and tactics. He studies problems of historical development of strategic studies and history of military science in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. He carries a long-term monitoring of possible crises outbreaks and their assessment.

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