NATO New Strategic Concept and its implication for the capabilities and use of the Czech Armed Force

Robert JUNEK

This study deals with NATO New Strategic Concept approved in Lisbon on 19th November 2010. It attempts to examine an implication of the Concept for the capabilities of the Czech Armed Forces. In the first part, the study describes a way that led to the New Concept with special regard to the years 1999-2010. It then analyses the key features of the New Concept, both from the political and military point of view. It is followed by a brief evaluation of relevant Czech strategic documents that are, unfortunately, not up to date. The study is concluded with an identification of the main areas, which Czech Armed Forces should focus on to meet the challenge of NATO New Strategic Concept.

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Operational art in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and vision of its development


The article familiarizes readers with author´s perspective on status of the operational Art in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (AF CR). He argues that the AF CR community of military “thinkers” has for a long time fallen behind of conceptual developments and discussion regarding operational art that have occurred in other NATO member´s countries. Although the “tactical experience” is vital, there exists “operational inexperience”. A recovery of Czech operational art is necessary because if the AF CR is faced by a parallel requirement to be a global ‘security contributor’ and a possible regional ‘security leader’. Future operational art must seek to reflect a conceptual framework and to integrate both emerging functions. With the view of developing a appropriate construct of 21st century operational art, the AF CR must take a number of reforms. Such reforms include adopting a functional approach to operational concept development, improving doctrines, developing comprehensive operation planning and establishing significant reforms into the professional military education system.

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