France after the Accession of Sarkozy – Changes in Security and Defence Policy


This text focuses on the potential changes in the French security and defence policy after the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as the new French President. It is expected that one of Sarkozy’s priorities will be repositioning of his country as a European player. His challenge will be to consolidate a more independent European defence effort, while not distancing France from NATO. Sarkozy’s foreign policy will differ expecially in closer cooperation with the US. Still the principle of autonomy and speaking its own mind vis-ŕ-vis the United States remains a matter of consensus in France. Another changes will emerge in reviewing of White Book of Defense. But the base of Sarkozy’s defence policy is strictly of economic nature. It lies in emphasis on a strenghtening of cooperation between members of EU, defence economics in general and a strong support for the defense industry.

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