Securitology: Pseudoscience, no Metascience

Zdeněk KŘÍŽ*, Miroslav MAREŠ**, Petr SUCHÝ***

Since the end of the Cold War, strategic and security studies have undergone a very important process of adaptation to new conditions. In the West, strategic studies are considered a field within security studies commonly viewed as a sub discipline of international relations that belong into the framework of political sciences. Establishment of security and strategic studies in the Czech Republic followed the developments that had previously occurred in the West. To constitute the discipline of ”securitology” is therefore completely futile. The total irrelevance of the newly promoted “securitology” is also stressed by the non-existence of such a term in English. Also, the subject of the research of the new discipline, paradigmatic base and last but not least some added value going over the framework of already existing and well established disciplines remain unclear. If scholars in Central and Eastern Europe are trying to unite within a framework of one discipline the research of strengthening of security of businessmen, safety of a chemical plant or fire safety of buildings with the preservation and strengthening of security of social groups, states or international community, they are attempting to unite totally incompatible subjects.

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