Guidelines for Authors


The journal is consist of articles. The articles should comply with the highest demands for quality and expertise of the author, they must meet the required quality and formal criteria and are subject to an obligatory peer-review process.

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Date and delivery of articles

The dates of publishing the online version are always June (deadline: 15th March) and December (deadline: 1st October) each year. Those interested in publishing may submit their contributions prepared in accordance with the Guidelines for Authors and Ethical Standards by application Open Journal System by the respective deadline above. Exceptions can be agreed with the editor of the journal (

Obrana a strategie journal publishes articles without any processing or submission charges.

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Templates for contributions

Original contributions are accepted only in electronic form in the following formats: docx, doc, or rtf; edited with obligatory use of the template. The templates contain detailed instructions and recommendation for editing contributions.

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References, quotations and paraphrase

The formal appearance of bibliographical references and citations of the sources and literature is subject to the standard ISO 690 (Information and documentation – Guidelines for bibliographic references and citations to information resources). Contributions in which the citations do not conform to ISO 690 will be returned to authors for re-editing or rejected. The basic provisions are included in Guidelines for Authors, section Basic Bibliographic Citations. Summary of used sources and literature behind the text is not required and will not be published.

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Basic bibliographic citations

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Abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms should be always explained or written in full with the first use in the text, and always included and written in full in the language of the contribution. If the text is in English, use the established equivalents of abbreviations and acronyms. If an established and generally understood equivalent does not exist in English, write the abbreviation or acronym in full in the original language.

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Graphs, images, and tables

Texts published in the Obrana a strategie journal can include tables, pictures, charts, or other objects to facilitate the reader's orientation and understanding of the author's statements. However, using an extensive amount of pictures can make the orientation more difficult, therefore, such elements should be used only as necessary.

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Professional CV

Along with the original contribution, each author (including co-authors) should provide their brief unstructured professional CV to be published in the form of a text in maximum length 500 characters (with spaces) in English. Authors of contributions in Czech or Slovak should provide their professional CV, along with the English version, also in the respective language in the same extent. The authors are be responsible for the quality and the correct translation of the English text.

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