Guidelines for Authors

Basic parameters of articles

The journal consists of peer-reviewed articles that meet the highest standards for the quality of the contributions and the author’s erudition. Articles must meet the required qualitative and formal criteria and undergo a review process. Articles are mainly accepted in English, possibly in Czech and Slovak. You must always process the text using a template.

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How to work with a template

Author contributions (articles) are accepted only in electronic form in docx formats processed with the obligatory use of a template. The template also contains additional instructions for processing papers.

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How to write an optimised article title

Optimisation in the context of academic articles is associated with SEO, which stands for "search engine optimisation". It refers to optimising names for internet search engines or methods to help your article rank high in search engines.

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How to choose the right keywords

To optimise the article, you need to focus on keywords, with the help of which you can create an abstract and a title more easily. Connecting these three components will make your article more searchable on the Internet.

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How to write a good abstract

Creating an abstract is usually the last step before submitting an article. Extra attention should be paid to the abstract because it is generally based on it so that readers find the article and decide whether it is worth reading. There is a strong correlation between online exposure and subsequent journal article citations.

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How to cite used sources

When writing a scientific text of any type, you are required to cite the sources you have used when writing. The fact that certain information is not your idea must be clearly declared (prominently marked) in the text. The main rule of a good citation is that the source is clearly identifiable and traceable based on the data you provide.

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Abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms should be always explained or written in full with the first use in the text, and always included and written in full in the language of the contribution. If the text is in English, use the established equivalents of abbreviations and acronyms. If an established and generally understood equivalent does not exist in English, write the abbreviation or acronym in full in the original language.

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Figures, graphs and tables

Figures and graphs should be attached as separate files through the Open Journal System. They are inserted using the Upload button or dragging a file from your computer folder to the field marked with a dashed line. In OJS, choose the component name "Figure" for images and graphs and "Table" for tables. At the same time, the author should include them in the article itself.

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Professional CV

Along with the original contribution, each author (including co-authors) should provide their brief unstructured professional CV to be published in the form of a text in maximum length 500 characters (with spaces) in English. Authors of contributions in Czech or Slovak should provide their professional CV, along with the English version, also in the respective language in the same extent. The authors are be responsible for the quality and the correct translation of the English text.

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Date and delivery of articles

The deadlines for individual issues of the journal are always March 15 and October 1 of the calendar year. Those interested in publishing should submit their contributions processed by the Guidelines for Authors and Ethical Standards through the Open Journal System application. 

The journal Obrana a strategie does not collect publication or other fees from the authors.

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