Abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms should be always explained or written in full with the first use in the text, and always included and written in full in the language of the contribution. If the text is in English, use the established equivalents of abbreviations and acronyms. If an established and generally understood equivalent does not exist in English, write the abbreviation or acronym in full in the original language.

If a larger number of abbreviations and acronyms are used, it is recommended to include a simple table with their list at the end of the contribution. Such list should be used, in particular, if the abbreviations or acronyms may not be generally known.

List of abbreviations (an example):

AČRArmáda České republikyCzech Armed Forces
ČRČeská republikaCzech Republic
FSBFederalnaya Sluzhba BezopasnostiFederal Security Service
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization 
OIFOrganisation internationale de la FrancophonieInternational Organisation of the Francophonie
SCOShanghai Cooperation Organization 

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