Basic parameters of articles

The journal consists of peer-reviewed articles that meet the highest standards for the quality of the contributions and the author’s erudition. Articles must meet the required qualitative and formal criteria and undergo a review process. Articles are mainly accepted in English, possibly in Czech and Slovak. You must always process the text using a template.

English title or subtitle

Enter the title and subtitle (How to write an optimised article title) in the template and the Open Journal System (OJS). Here is part of step 3. Enter Metadata (Enter Metadata). 

Czech (Slovak) title (only in the case of Czech and Slovak articles) or subtitles 

Enter the title and subtitle in the template and Open Journal System (OJS). Here is part of step 3. Enter Metadata (Enter Metadata).

Author, co-authors, their affiliations and ORCID

Ensure you have all the authors also entered in OJS (step 3. Insert metadata) and have their CVs filled out (Professional CV).


A brief description of the article (topic, solved problem, objective), main conclusions and contributions (How to write a good abstract). The range of the abstract is 1,000-1,500 characters, including spaces, and must be written in English. For Czech and Slovak authors, insert its equivalent in the Czech (Slovak) language. The abstract does not replace the introduction in the actual text of the article. Insert the abstract into OJS, which is also part of step 3.


Insert a maximum of 7 keywords and phrases in English, separated by a semicolon. Czech and Slovak authors also have added their equivalents in the Czech (Slovak) language. Connect the keywords with the article's title and the abstract to optimise your text (How to choose the right keywords). Insert the keywords into the OJS (3. Insert metadata). 


Suppose the contribution is processed with another person or institution's financial or other participation. Also, insert the declaration in OJS (step 3. Insert metadata) under Supporting Agencies (grants). 

Own text (including introduction and conclusion)

The introduction was supposed to outline goals, methods, and hypotheses or evaluate the sources of the work; the conclusion summarises the previous argumentation. The range of your text, including notes and used sources below the text, is 18,000 - 45,000 characters, including spaces. Submissions exceeding the specified length may not be accepted. 


Insert the list of used sources at the article’s end and separately as plain text (each citation on one line) in the Open Journal System application. Resources are entered in OJS in step 3. Enter metadata (Enter Metadata) in the last window on the References page. Ensure you include the list of sources used in the article and the window in OJS. All citations must follow the Chicago author-date citation style (How to cite used sources).

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