How to promote your article?

There are several ways how authors can self-promote their published articles. Several techniques can increase visibility, readability, and, eventually, citations.

  • Ensure you have a working ORCID, including the latest article.
  • Share your article on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). As part of your social networking post, consider adding hashtags to your keywords.
  • Use academic social networks such as ResearchGate, Google Scholar, and Remember to share your latest article here.
  • Include a link to your latest scientific article in your email signature.
  • Turn your article into a presentation and share it on the Slideshare platform.
  • Make an infographic or short video from the article. It will have a better chance of engaging a broader audience on social media.
  • Promote the article through your home institution. Ask your website editor or marketing department about sharing options.
  • Email your article to the people you cited in your work.
  • Mention your paper at the next conference.
  • Turn your academic article into a journalistic text you can share on a blog. This will reach a wider audience.
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