How to write a good abstract

Creating an abstract is usually the last step before submitting an article. Extra attention should be paid to the abstract because it is generally based on it so that readers find the article and decide whether it is worth reading. There is a strong correlation between online exposure and subsequent journal article citations.

  • The abstract should clarify in 1 000 – 1 500 characters, including spaces, what your research is about, what methods you used and what you found.
  • The first two sentences of the abstract are crucial for searching for an article using internet tools. 
  • Whatever you claim or present in the abstract must reflect what is included in your paper.
  • It must not contain information the reader will not get from your article.
  • Make sure your abstract does not contain abbreviations, quotations or footnotes.
  • Use your keywords (1-3); however, they should naturally fit into the text. Ideally, repeat them several times in the abstract.
  • Pay attention to the research methods used and the results of your study, which should conclude the entire abstract.
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