Professional CV

Along with the original contribution, each author (including co-authors) should provide their brief unstructured professional CV to be published in the form of a text in maximum length 500 characters (with spaces) in English. Authors of contributions in Czech or Slovak should provide their professional CV, along with the English version, also in the respective language in the same extent. The authors are be responsible for the quality and the correct translation of the English text.

The brief professional resume should contain the following:

  • Full name and titles of the author
  • ResearcherID,
  • E-mail contact
  • Year of birth
  • Current workplace, incl. full mailing address
  • Telephone and fax contact, mailing address - if different from the workplace address (This information will not be published and will be used solely for the editorial purposes and to send the author's copy.)
  • Brief information on education and professional career, if applicable
  • Professional specialisation, optionally

Always ensure you have entered all the authors of your article and filled out their CVs in the List of Contributors.

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