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The open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed Obrana a strategie journal has been published since 2001; it focuses on security and strategic studies, military affairs, international relations and other related issues. It is intended for contributors and readers professionally active in areas of security and defence: security experts, decision-makers, practicioners, military officers, scholars, students and anyone with an interest in security and strategic studies, international relations, political science, etc. from the Czech and international security communities.

Since 2007, the anonymous peer-review process (the author does not know the reviewers and vice versa) is obligatory for all articles. The course of the whole review process is described in detail in the Review Process.

The review process is anonymous, carried out by at least two independent reviewers selected from the range of experts recommended by the Editorial Board, where none of the reviewers are members of the same department as the author or any of the co-authors, or are in any way in the conflict of interest regarding the peer-reviewed article. The result of the anonymous peer-review process is binding for the author of the contribution, who is required to implement the comments from reviewers by the deadline specified by the Secretary of the Editorial Board. This measure aims at maintaining maximum quality and objectivity of published papers. Names of the reviewers are never published and is their anonymity is consistently maintained also after the end of the peer-review process. The Editorial Board archives the reviews for at least five years.

The review opinion is prepared by the expert recommended by the Editorial Board. The reviewer shall write the review opinion in the required form and content, and deliver it within the deadline by e-mail and written form to the the Executive Editor or the Secretary of the Editorial Board; written copy of the review opinion signed by the reviewer may be delivered after the specified date. The opinion should be brief, but accurate, and must not repeat the content of the reviewed text. The reviewer shall critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the contribution in all required fields. The minimum specified length of the review opinion is 1 standard page, i.e. 1800 characters including spaces.

The reviewer specifically comments on:

  • the topicality of the text and the level of benefit for the development of security and strategic studies or the current expert discussions;
  • the quality of the content and technical aspects of the work, level methodological treatment of the text, adequacy and clarity of its content, including terminological purity and logical sequence;
  • the scope of listed source documents and functionality of included annexes and diagrams;
  • whether or not the work complies with the formal requirements, including correct use of language.

In the conclusion of the review opinion, the reviewer shall assess the presented text as a whole and indicate whether it is recommended for publishing, or recommended for publishing after the implementation of comments and review by the present reviewer, or it should be rewritten and again submitted for the review process to be carried out by a new reviewer, or the text should not be published.

The standardized format (Form) and compulsory components of the review opinion are specified by the Editorial Board. Writing the review opinion is entitled to financial compensation or may be rewarded by providing a paper copy of the journal. Each reviewer obtains the ikona souboruPeer Review Expert Certificate for their review.

Before accepting the undertaking of writing the review, the reviewer is obliged to read the Guidelines for Authors, Ethical Standards and Review Process, and accept them without reservations.

Reviewers are addressed directly by the Secretary of the Editorial Board, based on the subject of the reviewed text. The office of the magazine, however, welcomes the extension of the group of reviewers with other renowned experts. Candidates for inclusion in the group of reviewers can send their short cover letter, basic contact data and summary of professional experience to

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