GLOBSEC 2012 will discuss global security issues and future of the EU. Capital of Slovakia will become the centre of important political and expert debates before the NATO Chicago Summit. The gates of this year’s Global Security Forum GLOBSEC 2012 will open in April.

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The 7th annual Bratislava Global Security Forum GLOBSEC will take place on the 12th – 14th of April, 2012 in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Prominent politicians and diplomats, renowned experts and scholars on foreign affairs and security, business leaders and media will meet in Bratislava. With the participation of over 500 key stakeholders from more than 40 countries ranging from America and Asia to Africa, GLOBSEC has become a prominent annual forum on foreign policy and security in Europe and North America. The topics of the GLOBSEC 2012 Forum will reflect the pressing issues of international foreign policy, security and economy that have a profound implication on the international order.

The most important annual forum in Slovakia and in Central Europe is organized by the Slovak Atlantic Commission in cooperation with renowned non-governmental organizations such as the Konrad Adenaur Stiftung and the Atlantic Council, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well in cooperation with the International Visegrad Fund. The partners of the Forum are the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and an influential international think-tank Bruegel.

Behind-the-scenes discussions

The Forum will bring interesting discussion formats, informal meetings and receptions. Traditionally, the Forum will become a platform for so called „corridor diplomacy,“ creating a platform for important behind-the-scenes discussion and focused policy sessions well beyond the official programme. “The corridor diplomacy is very effective and efficient way of shaping the foreign policy,” proclaimed Rastislav Káčer, President of the Slovak Atlantic Commission. “The informal nature of the corridor diplomacy simplifies the communication between the actors,” said Rastislav Káčer.

The importance of this year's conference is enhanced by the fact that GLOBSEC 2012 is the last major foreign policy event before the NATO Chicago Summit in May. Therefore, GLOBSEC will provide the perfect platform for informal expert and political discussions on the key issues on the table for Chicago. Once again, the Forum in Bratislava will thus contribute to the shaping of strategic transatlantic debate. 

Preparations for Chicago

With its timing, GLOBSEC 2012 is an ideal platform for Central European discussions on the most important issues that resonate within the region and will shape the transatlantic cooperation. ”Based upon our experiences from previous years we expect that GLOBSEC will become a platform for informal discussions of V4 and other Central European countries’ Ministers of Foreign Affairs. This year’s debates will be even more important as they will be held just one month before the NATO Summit in Chicago, while economic crisis in Europe is in progress,” said Robert Vass, Secretary General of the Slovak Atlantic Commission.

Issues that change the world

The topics of the GLOBSEC 2012 Forum will reflect pressing issues that are going to be discussed at the NATO Chicago Summit. The discussions will be held on defence cooperation of V4 Group, as well as on the prospects for development in the Balkans, Middle East and North Africa. An important part of the debates will be on the Eurozone and the European Union. The GLOBSEC will also provide a review of the Arab spring. The shifts in the U.S. foreign policy priorities and the increasingly important issue of "cyber security" will also be discussed at GLOBSEC 2012.

The Young Atlanticist Summit in Bratislava

The Young Atlanticist Summit is going take place within the framework of the security forum in Bratislava. "The GLOBSEC is the only European forum that will welcome this exclusive summit for future political leaders and diplomats from NATO and partner countries," informs Robert Vass.  During the Young Atlanticist Summit the participants will take part in a NATO crisis simulation, which will continue at the Young Atlanticist Chicago Summit.

Czech and Slovak transatlantic awards

This year is the 10th anniversary of the NATO Prague Summit, where the seven countries of Central and Eastern Europe were invited by the Alliance. The new Czech and Slovak transatlantic award will commemorate this historical event. "The award will be presented in two categories. While we will not unveil the nominations just yet, we can declare that two public figures that have contributed to strengthening of the transatlantic ties, security and peace will take home the award," proclaimed Robert Vass. The Award’s Jury is composed of prominent figures from the foreign policy area of both countries will particularly consider candidates’ contribution to the Central European region.

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