NATO’s Provincial Reconstruction of Afghanistan in a Comparative Perspective

The Center for Security Studies of the Metropolitan University Prague will arrange the second annual experts' conference on “NATO’s Provincial Reconstruction of Afghanistan in a Comparative Perspective”. The conference will try to answer a number of questions related to the allied commitment to the post-conflict reconstruction of Afghanistan through a series of case studies which will together provide a multiple perspective to national contributions to the multilateral mission in Afghanistan. The intention is to provide a sensitive analysis that would explain coalition contributions from various countries, and the opportunity for generalisation will also be sought. For example, answers to questions such as whether it is alliance dependence or threat-balancing, or other factors, that affects one’s Afghanistan policy more could be found in the conference presentations.

DATE: November 5, 2010
VENUE: Metropolitan University Prague, Prokopova 16/100, Prague 3
REGISTRATION FOR PUBLIC: On-line, open till November 1, 2010 at

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