Assoc. Prof. Piotr GAWLICZEK, Ph.D., Capt.(N) ret.

Born in 1954. He is the Associate Professor of the National Defence University. His research and educational activities are focused on Advanced Distributed Learning, information and communications technologies within the education and training. He is also focusing on the asymmetric threats and leadership issues. He is actively involved in many scientific activities, i.e. regularly conducting events within the annual Congress of Education and Distance Education of the Bundeswehr. He is a member of many international scientific and educational bodies, i.e.: Editorial Board of the “Connections” – Partnership for Peace Consortium Quarterly; Advisory Board of the ADL Working Group of the PfP Consortium; Editorial Advisory Board of the reviewed journal “Obrana a strategie” issued by the University of Defence, Brno. He is the scientific coordinator of the reviewed magazine “Scientific Papers of the NDU Warsaw”. He supports the efforts of the partner countries within the Defence Enhancement Education Programs (DEEP) dedicated to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. From October 2015 he enjoys a title of the Academic Leader of the DEEP Ukraine program.

(This CV and contact information are valid as of December 15, 2015.)

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