Col. Tadeusz ZIELIŃSKI, PhD

Born in 1973. Currently, Assistant Professor – Head of Air Operations Branch in Aviation and Air Defence Institute of Management and Command Faculty at National Defence University, Warsaw. Graduated from Polish Air Force Academy, Dęblin in 1996 and National Defence University, Warsaw in 2004. He held positions in the 13th Airlift Regiment and 8th Airbase in Krakow-Balice (eg operating staff officer, chief of staff of flying squadron). He also completed postgraduate studies in the area of organized crime and terrorism in Police Academy, Szczytno in 2010. His scientific activities are related to the widely understood defence, particularly theory and practice of using military aviation in crisis response operations and armed conflicts. Participates in working groups in the level of Air Force service and as an NATO’s expert in the area of NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme Ukraine.

(This CV and contact information are valid as of December 15, 2013.)

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