Vendula DIVIŠOVÁ, Ph.D.

Web of Science ResearcherID: ABG-1462-2020

Scopus ID: 57207260186

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-2038-8375

VEDIDK: 4174453


Born in 1990. In 2012, Vendula Divišová completed bachelor's degree in Political Science and Security and Strategic Studies and in 2015, master's degree in Security and Strategic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Masaryk University in Brno. In 2020, she completed the doctoral programme in Political Science at Masaryk University. Since April 2018, she works as a researcher at the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies at the University of Defence in Brno. Her research interests include strategic communications, security environment assessment, extremism and radicalism.

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