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Strategic Studies - Status of Knowledge


This article provides a summary of basic knowledge relating to strategic studies. It explains the terms and concepts that are documented by existing potential of international experts, who are deeply engaged in the problem of strategic studies. This article also presents a brief history of strategic studies for security and national defense of the Czech Republic. It also indicates in short a way the Institute for Strategic Studies of the Military Academy in Brno intends to contribute to this area.

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Selected Problems of the Polish Republic Security in the Context of Combating Terrorism


The author, a leading military specialist of the Polish Armed Forces, in the article free translated by the periodical editorial staff focused on some current and future problems and issues of the Poland security. Based on the analysis of events connected with international terrorism, development and status of regions, development of the military art and other issues he predicts potential threats to security at the beginning of the 21st century. He presents an interpretation of so-called “asymmetric warfare” and introduces some aspects and assessment of the NBC employment. The author reflects some specific problems of the conduct of combat and operation in the near future. At the conclusion, the article presents some issues of the Poland preparedness to face new threats, and terrorism can be considered as the most critical threat.

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The Basic Considerations for the Build-up of Security System


Based on the graphical representation of potential threats to the Czech Republic and solution of their phases, the article outlines the basic considerations for the security system build-up.

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Between the Lines of Military Strategy of the Czech Republic


Review of the author relating to a newly issued version of the Czech Republic Military Strategy. Presented are critical remarks to some chapters of the document and alternative solutions. The author calls for considerate transformation of the armed forces based on sound scientific principles of the armed forces employment especially in accomplishment of tasks by the forces under national command.

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Defense Policy in the main Political Parties’ Programs before the Parliamentary Election in 2002


It was for first time in the short history of the Czech Republic, when in the 2002 year the topic and problems of the security and defense policy appeared in documents and pre-election programmes of the main Czech parliamentarian political parties in greater extent. All relevant parties, except Coalition (a center/right-wing coalition of KDU-ČSL and US-DEU) presented their visions of future and shape of defense policy of the Czech Republic and its armed forces. Governmental ČSSD (social democrats) propounded a vision of fully professional army alike ODS (conservative liberals), but with different priorities and aims. KSČ (communists) refused this vision and brought out their traditional and non-compatible programme repeatedly. Coalition did not offer an unambiguous vision for the electorate, it partially refused the Governmental social democrats ideas about an acquisition of the super-sonic aircraft, but it accepted the restructuring as the whole. Actually, due to an absence of unambiguous defense policy of US-DEU and KDU-ČSL with the pivotal character of Coalition will enable to continue in the armed forces reform in compliance with the initial Government conception. This article aim is to describe the main ideas and arguments in defense policy programmes of these parties.

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Intelligence Agencies after September 2001


The article deals with changes in the intelligence services mission and role after Sept. 2001 Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks. The article mentions downtrends originated in the 70´s and 90´s and subsequent effort for change; describes increasing importance of intelligence, new perception of intelligence agencies by public audience and drift of tasks towards new challenges. Conclusions: Intelligence agencies entered the 90´s being weakened. Since 1998 effort is exerted to improve capabilities and position of foreign and domestic intelligence. Prepared new trends in intelligence matters were not caused by terrorist attacks but only were accelerated. General public perceives intelligence activities more positively. Agencies were given more budget and also the important new legislation was passed in security affairs including intelligence activities. The international and inter-agency sharing of information is on the top level now. Humint activities are strengthened. Domestic intelligence agencies focus on monitoring immigrant communities that could be involved in political violence. The important discussion on failures of intelligence get started and smaller or bigger internal reform of agencies begun. Some of current trends could result in some future troubles.

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Evolutional Trends of Polish Military Forces in Longterm Views


The article deals with possibilities of development of the Polish military forces. One can state, that the Polish military forces are barely at the beginning of transformation. Anyway they are closer to the beginning than its end. The some year plans of the military forces’ restructuring must not decide about changes in the military forces. These plans may be used only for temporary activity, satisfying needs and solving current problems. For the present, urgency of change concerns the problems of more serious or maybe even revolution character. As the matter of fact the question is whether we will run after this elusive shadow left by magnates of this world? Will we chose another, maybe the more difficult and risky way, which gives a chance not only for survival but also for progress in changing conditions at the beginning of XXI century?

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History, Present and Potential Future of the Operational Preparation of the National Territory


This article deals with a history, present and potential future of the Operational Preparation of the national Territory (OPSÚ). It shows international experience of the OPSÚ and introduces some of new views relating to OPSÚ including conclusions for future development and providing for the OPSÚ in the Czech Republic.

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The Army of the Czech Republic and Armor

Vlastimil GALATÍK

The article describes a potential future of the tanks in the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR). It explains in brief the development of theory of use of tanks since the WWI up to the present and it deals with the perspective of use of tanks in the ACR and numbers established in documentation on the armed forces restructuring.

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