Defense Industrial Base and Defense Industrial Policy

Miroslav KRČ

Issues of forming and strengthening of the economic basis for defense of a democratic nation are, from the perspective of the democratic development, a primary task for the political leadership of the nation, and equally a reality of the international military-political situation at the turn of the 20-th and 21-th century. No democratic state can do without measures that require considerable material, financial and human resources. Therefore, this treatment will deal with the defense industrial base that forms assumptions for successful defense not only from the economic, but also from the military perspective. With regard to the armament production, we can find the following attitudes at individual countries: building of armament production as an autonomous national element for the purpose of gaining the political and economic independence in the area of acquisition of weapons and weapon systems; demonstration of political and military power; economic reasons - savings in national financial resources, and presentation of level of economic development, effort to increase efficiency of the economy through new technologies applied in the armament production. The defense industrial policy should be a part of the economic strategy. We can define it as a set of legislative, institutional and economic acts and activities of a government to run the development of armament production, export and import of military armament and equipment. Intentions for the armament production should flow from the military strategy, achieved level of industrial base, existing historical experience and traditions, maturity and scope of its technological background.

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