Defense Policy in the main Political Parties’ Programs before the Parliamentary Election in 2002


It was for first time in the short history of the Czech Republic, when in the 2002 year the topic and problems of the security and defense policy appeared in documents and pre-election programmes of the main Czech parliamentarian political parties in greater extent. All relevant parties, except Coalition (a center/right-wing coalition of KDU-ČSL and US-DEU) presented their visions of future and shape of defense policy of the Czech Republic and its armed forces. Governmental ČSSD (social democrats) propounded a vision of fully professional army alike ODS (conservative liberals), but with different priorities and aims. KSČ (communists) refused this vision and brought out their traditional and non-compatible programme repeatedly. Coalition did not offer an unambiguous vision for the electorate, it partially refused the Governmental social democrats ideas about an acquisition of the super-sonic aircraft, but it accepted the restructuring as the whole. Actually, due to an absence of unambiguous defense policy of US-DEU and KDU-ČSL with the pivotal character of Coalition will enable to continue in the armed forces reform in compliance with the initial Government conception. This article aim is to describe the main ideas and arguments in defense policy programmes of these parties.

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