Intelligence Agencies after September 2001


The article deals with changes in the intelligence services mission and role after Sept. 2001 Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks. The article mentions downtrends originated in the 70´s and 90´s and subsequent effort for change; describes increasing importance of intelligence, new perception of intelligence agencies by public audience and drift of tasks towards new challenges. Conclusions: Intelligence agencies entered the 90´s being weakened. Since 1998 effort is exerted to improve capabilities and position of foreign and domestic intelligence. Prepared new trends in intelligence matters were not caused by terrorist attacks but only were accelerated. General public perceives intelligence activities more positively. Agencies were given more budget and also the important new legislation was passed in security affairs including intelligence activities. The international and inter-agency sharing of information is on the top level now. Humint activities are strengthened. Domestic intelligence agencies focus on monitoring immigrant communities that could be involved in political violence. The important discussion on failures of intelligence get started and smaller or bigger internal reform of agencies begun. Some of current trends could result in some future troubles.

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