The British Defense Doctrine

Alena FENCLOVÁ*, Luděk KRZYSTEK**, Petr NĚMEC***

The British Defense Doctrine (Second edition) was published and distributed by the Joint Doctrine and Concepts Center in UK. This publication sits at the pinnacle of the UK’s hierarchy of joint publications. It is focused primarily on the doctrinal component of the UK’s military strategy; it conveys a message about the tone and nature of the British approach to military activity at all levels. This Doctrine is the distilled experience of many years - generations - of making strategy and of mounting and conducting military operations. Most of those operations have gone well and UK has a reputation for strategic success, with Armed Forces that are highly regarded around the world. Military doctrine is defined by the North Atlantic Treaty organization as “fundamental principles by which military forces guide their actions in support of objectives”. Doctrine is of value to allies and potential coalition partners, that means for the Czech Republic too who will benefit from an understanding of the British approach to military ethos and general approach to strategic and military issues. This is one of the main purposes why reading and understanding this publication is important for officials who are responsible for developing and publishing similar documents in the Czech Republic. This article describes structure of the British Defense Doctrine.

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