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Security Environment of the Czech Republic


The sketch takes heed of the definition and main general characteristics of the security environment of the Czech Republic and it is aimed at its territorial and functional/structutral circumscribes. This text deals with important factors, which determined traits of the security environment after the end of the Cold War and break-up of the bipolar world and from the perspective of security policy they are still relevant.

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Changes in the Swedish Security Policy at the Beginning of 21st Century – Selected Aspects


An array of changes in area of security policy of major powers as well as small countries are under way nowadays. This process is closely related to problems of seeking of new ways how to build military forces. In spite of the unquestionable importance of powers, the monitoring of changes in other countries is needful too. From this point of view, neutral Sweden is an interesting example, which is, as well as the Czech Republic at present, solving its problems connected to the consecutive integration into European security structures and reappraising ways of military forces building.

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Strategic Studies as a Technological Process


The processing of strategic studies is explained as a technological process, which consists of two basic parts: ideation and utilization of strategic studies. In the first part the processor is the main bearer of the technological activity and in the second part receiver of strategic studies. The structure and schemas of the technological process contain characterization of the factor and connection among factors. The article is based on the practical experiences of the author.

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Forecasting Methods and Their using in Ministry of Defence Branch

Ladislav BUŘITA

The paper is prepared from the study “The overview of the forecasting methods useful for application in science, defence research, development and technology in Czech Republic”. The study is a grant task of Strategic Study Institute from year 2001. Forecasting is connected with a strategic level management activity, with thinking of people, with scientic and research work. There is concept and content of forecasting, systematisation of methods, techniques and procedures. Qualitative, quantitative, passive, active and normative forecast. Delphi channel and Brainstorming. Validation of forecasting.

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The Operations with Participation of the Army Forces


The article deals with the possible military operation structure of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. The present study describes combat, non-combat, special, information and psychological operations.

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The Influence of the Social-demographic Development in the Czech Republic on the Czech Armed Forces


The aim of present article is to indicate aspects impacting the Reform of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic from human resources point of view. The article contains influence of the social-demographic development in the Czech Republic on the new building and preparation of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

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Outsourcing Implementation in the Armed Forces


There is a reaction of the author of this article on the riche and very interesting discussion on the matter of the outsourcing implementation in the armed forces. Discussion occurred among the colloquium participants with the topic “State Defense Economy and Its Control” organized by the Military Academy in Brno in February 2003. The participants opinion exchange focused on outsourcing possibilities as a new tool in satisfying needs of reformed and profesionalised armed forces, main definitions, involved risks, expectations, valuable abroad experience and possible field of activities, which could be managed by the private industry instead of the military.

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Information Support to Defence Research

Bohuslav VÍŠEK

The article deals with the importance of information support as a part of defence infrastructure. It points out the aim, basic parts and potential role and tasks of information support of workplaces engaged in defence research. The example of the Institute of Strategic Studies shows possible trends of approach to the build-up of modern system of information support to strategic studies.

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Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weapons as Means to Elimination Electronic Systems


This text inform about present situation in development and using of electromagnetic weapons. Electromagnetic weapons include equipments and systems exploiting technology generating HPM – High Power Microwave, which makes disturbance of activities or destruction electronic circuit of enemy equipments. This text inform about present situation in area of electromagnetic weapons in foreing countries and Czech Republic. Further inform about problems of misuse electromagnetic weapons and about their future.

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