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Significative Changes on Strategic Level for Preparation Variants of Future Security


Make a view and knowledge systematisation about signicative changes on strategic level, which are on 2004 year perceived like changes for preparation variants of future security. Discussion about problems, which starting processes go in search of strategic changes lake is: future of protection national values and security, role of the state and its components there has protect and there has to be protected, aspects of changes in threats, problems of protection national values out of state territory, move in opinions about state. Like some signicative strategic change is called process European Union integration. Annotation of possible variants for establish of common state and how are implications in eld security and defence. How are implications for changes in public power and how are for variants of security. Author created conclusions to necessary education of powerful leaders, which can be lead of integration.

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Definition of the Terms “Terrorism”, “War” and “Guerilla” in Contemporary Security Terminology

Miroslav MAREŠ

Contemporary character of wars and armed conicts make the denition and differentiation of the terms “terrorism” “war” and “guerilla” difcult although similar problems have always been here (e. g. ultraleftist terrorists often dened their activity as “urban guerilla”). Brutality of the “new wars” and the interest of media in horrible violent acts implicate that terrorism is an element of many modern armed conicts. Terrorism can be a suplement strategy of armed forces and other actors of the war, but sometimes terrorism is the only form of warfare. On the other hand, the term “war against terrorism” is questionable because terrorism can be found in many different forms (not only as islamic terrorism).

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French and German Armies Engagement in Abroad Missions


The author deals with participation of French and Germany forces in abroad missions. France has great and long term time experience from military missions in overseas but for Germany it is new task for Bundeswehr - missions in abroad. In current time there is the effective deployment of both French and German forces in the ght against the forces of global terrorism.

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Report of the Joint Inquiry into the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001

Oldřich KRULÍK

Analysis of the contemporary history events. One of the very rst trials how to deal with the terrotist attacks from the 11th of September 2001 in the USA was establishing a fact-nding Commission. The new institution is responsible for the summary of the known facts and for the recommendation how to deal with the new security situation. The new proposals for strenghtening the security sector are expected. The rst part of the academic serial describes the ndings of the Commission, which were used for formulating its conclusions as well.

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Muslims and European Security


This article focuses on actual security problems concerning the muslim community living in the Europe. It outlines reasons leading to muslim terrorist attacks in the Europe. At the same time it shows the problems of accepted restrictions in the ght against terrorism in the Europe and possible methods solving coexistence between the Europe and muslim community living in the Europe.

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Transformation of the Hungarian Military Higher Education

Miklós SZABÓ

The topic of the article is transformation of Hungarian military higher education. An author focuses on a brief description of structural changes of military forces and relevant military education system. He describes an attitude to reduction of faculties and to structural changes of departements in years 1996 - 2004, and long-term plans, which influence structural changes. The author concludes general conclusions.

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Military Operations and Influence of Technical Progress for Warfare

Antonín KRÁSNÝ

The article deals with the description of the future warfare environment, new types of armed conicts and potential enemies. The author presents recent and future military operations, the changing in leading of battle activities and variants of possible military and security structure.

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Creation of Material Resources in the Armed Forces Armament Proces – Requirement Definition


Requirement denition of the armed forces and its transformation in feasible armament programs and project is a key issue of effective creation of material resources and its needed operational capabilities. It is a relevant matter for planned development of our armed forces to get inspiration through analyses abroad approaches. Germany and France developed for this reasons analytical teams in order to assess wide range of aspects and to dene long perspective requirements through the planning cycle.

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Marketing Support of the Acquisition in the Armaments System


The article describes marketing support of acquisition in the armaments as one of the decisive instruments for increasing of efciency of armaments process. There are described, in the article, principles of effective acquisition in the connection with approved Conception of creating of professional Army of the Czech Republic and mobilization of the Czech Armed Forces. This conception was overworked according to the framework of new sources connected with transformation into the professional Army. The Article deals with the content and ways of carring out the marketing support. It gives at the same time attention to the repsective elaborated documents in this area.

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