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Changes of the U.S. Armed Forces Deployment in the World

Vlastimil GALATÍK*, Ivo PIKNER**

The article deals with actual changes of the U.S. Armed Forces deployment in the world. There are reason and cause of changes of this deployment in abroad.

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How to Evaluate Security Threat and Hazard in the Present World


This article deals with current attitude towards definition of security threat and hazard and attitude towards NATO security strategy including current approaches in CR. It analyses basic definition of security threat and security hazard and on the end of article present some recommendations.

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Strategy of Adaptation of Activities in Air-Space to Achieve Joint Operation Objectives

Marian KOZUB

Systems thought over question of military activity changes in air-space. This space will more and more represent air-cosmic space and any using of air force will have mainframe of joint operation. Reections are starting from armed conicts through joint operations to Network Centric Warfare - NCW. To this concept are added technological and organizational aspects of activities in air space. After that questions of using air force in joint operation and future problems within air force are deduced. The strategy end in conclusion that incorrect using of air force in the future joint operations will be catastrophe for state or coalition and also defeat in achieving of air-cosmic space supremacy.

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US Congress Committee Report on Terrorist Attacks on 11th September, 2001

Oldřich KRULÍK

This article is focused on synopsis of intelligence and security system in USA. It describes measures and practical recommendations deduced from results of the Committee of USA Congress investigation applying to security services failure in the context of WTC attack on 11th September, 2001.

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The Czech Armed Forces in Non-combat Operations

Antonín KRÁSNÝ

The article deals with structure and characteristic of non-combat operations and the Czech Armed Forces deployment in this type of operations. There is description of reason and cause of changes of this deployment in abroad.

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Some Aspects of Specialization in Czech Armed Forces

Vlastimil GALATÍK*, Bohuslav VÍŠEK**

The article deal with specialization of armed forces in general and with Czech Armed Forces specialization in particular. Shows that problems of specialization concern especially to the smaller countries which in this way want to share in buiding of the military capabilities of the Alliance and Europien Union.

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The Special Forces in Special Operations


The article deals with positions and missions of the Special Forces – parts of modern forces. There are characteristics, main tasks and using of the Special Forces that are comparable to Czech Special Forces. In conclusion there is summary of possible progress in Special Forces.

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NATO Planning - its Current and Future State and its Harmonization with National Procedures

Stanislav HRADIL*, Josef PROCHÁZKA**

This article is a result of a lecture and follow-on discussion of participants, which took place at the Institute for Strategic Studies on October 18, 2004. This Workshop confirmed the necessity of permanent planning process improvement in accordance with the changing environment conditions. Alliance planning is focused on delivering such outputs, which will support the basic objective fulfillment of this military and political organization in the future. Czech Republic and its Armed Forces must identify changes in Alliance planning process and reflect them in its internal planning procedures. This article and the mentioned workshop aim to support such a process, which is able to identify this changes in right time and open effective ways for follow-on harmonization of national and alliance planning.

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Defense Planning of the Czech Republic – 3 Strictures

Bohuslav PERNICA

This paper responds to the discussion over defense planning in the Czech Republic, which arose after the presentation of the initial paper at the Seminar on Defense Planning held by the Strategic Studies Institute, University of Defense in Brno on the 18th October 2004. The author of this text briefly outlines the issue of “eluctance”of some NATO nations to conform with the DCI, the issue of usage of statistic information in the Czech Republic defense planning and the problem of the position of statistics in financial planning.

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