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Strategic View of Military Aspects of Directions of Development of Security Environment for ČR

Antonín KRÁSNÝ

The article informs about strategy of the state security, technological and institutional changes of the development of the security environment, including changes of the system the values. The article discusses possible development of the security environment in the relation to small and medium large states of central Europe. Article points to influence over the Czech Republic and scheme of development of the Czech security system.

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How to go further in Combating Terrorism


This article describes basic characteristics and attributes of terrorism. The global terrorism is regarded as the most urgent challenge for all the mankind. The text is focused on the following areas: ways of combating terrorism, political influence aimed at the base of the present global terrorism, the conflict between the West and the Islamic world and its possible solutions, aims and goals of the political influence at the beginning of the 21st century and its mechanisms.

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Reasons for the Realisation and Forms of the Terrorism

Pavel FOLTIN*, David ŘEHÁK**

The article deals with some elements of the realization process of terrorist attacks. Furthermore, it aims at its classification, description and definition of essential terminology. Fundamental elements of terrorist attacks are stated in the first part of the article. Moreover, relations and dependences among the above mentioned elements are determined. This part is followed by segmentation and characteristics of all forms of terrorism concerning reasons for realization of terrorist attacks. The concluding part includes general classification of terrorism forms with emphasis on lethal and non-lethal effects.

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Motivation to Terrorism and Grounds for Combating Terrorism


The first part of the text is mainly focused on the systematic classification of selected information concerning the motivation to terrorism. It is dealing with conditions for terrorism, motivation that is based on the rational vote, religious and cultural aspects of the motivation. Changes concerning the “model”of terrorism, organisational structures, doctrines, strategies and technologies are mentioned as well. The second part describes grounds for combating terrorism, analyzes the principle of asymmetry and its consequences for approaches of states. The article refers to the pre-emptive strategy and explains the interpretation of the just war theory.

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NATO at the start of the 21st Century

Jarosław GRYZ

The article deals with the development of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization after the end of the Cold war and its current and future position. Over several last decades, NATO has undergone a radical change from a defence alliance to a defence organisation that is aiming to cover the whole of Europe. While in the Cold War period the cooperation in the areas of defence and security was basically limited to the activities of member countries within the NATO structures, since the beginning of the 1990s, the sphere of the organisation, characterised by its newly defined goals, has been expanding. The changes also occurred in the traditional transatlantic link.

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Navies and Naval Strategies in the 21st Century

Jaroslav ŠVESTKA

The article presents information on the current state and possilble future developments of global and medium navies and naval strategies applied by countries with global and medium navies. The focus of interest is the U.S.Navy, because of its aspirations to become the most important tool in pursueing global interests of the United States of America.

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Are created adequate Conditions for Elaboration of Development of Ministry of Defence Vision?


Discusion about dangers which my be connected with elaboration of “Development of Ministry of Defence Long-term vision”. Contain separate portions about actors, their relations and Environment in which is long-term vision elaborated. Preparation of this document is compare with scientific project and make a comparison of information, which go out from assignment. With analytic and synthetic procedure are created and described parts of the process of elaboration, which can be critical for successful bring off for preparation of all document.

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Network Enabled Capability - Key Capability for 21st Century

Bohuslav VÍŠEK

Building of the Network Enabled Capability (NEC) represent one of the principal NATO transformation goals for the next 15 to 20 years. The article presents into NEC problems from both NATO and Czech Republic point of view. This article indicates strategic outlook for the future of the NEC building.

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Interoperability in the Infosphere - Challenges, Problems, Solutions

Sandor MUNK

Future military operations presume Interoperability in the Infosphere. Technical, syntactic and semantic interoperability are three relatively independent, but interconnected levels of information interoperability. The article described basics of information interoperability, concetrate to interoperability models (elementary, complex, global) and to infrastructure. Solutions of information interoperability are challenges and also problem of the armed forces for future.

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