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Actors of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Miroslav MAREŠ

The paper analyses the current security threat – proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – from the point of view of the concept of actors. The proliferation of WMD is initiated by actors who struggle for the possession of such weapons (contemporarily mainly the so called “rogue states” and terrorist groups). In some cases the proliferation trade proceeds with the help of the mediators (“third states”, organized crime groups etc.). Originators or suppliers of proliferation components are states, companies, scientists etc. Various actors fight against proliferation (states and their specialized institutions, international organizations, NGO´s).

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Current Aproaches to the Operational Planning


This article sums up the current theoretical approaches to the operational planning, which are based on the Czech Republic’s Armed Force Doctrines and NATO Guidance for Operational Planning – GOP. Through personal experience gained during his assignment in operation ALTHEA, which is European Union led mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the Chief for Operational Planning Group of the Planning Branch at HQ EUFOR in Sarajevo, the specific issues of operational planning on operations supporting the fight against organized crime are brought.

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Deployment of the Czech Armed Forces in Peacekeeping Operations


Military aspects of a peace agreement reached between then parties to the conflict are the foundation for the formulation of an operational plan of a peacekeeping mission. Mission objectives provided in the operation plan have a fundamental effect on the actual employment of Czech armed forces and means in a peacekeeping operation. The potential deployment of Czech armed forces and means in a peacekeeping operation depends upon the broad spectrum of the peacekeeping operations, in which the Czech Armed Forces will be able to participate in the future.

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Trends of Technology Development in the Area of NEC: I – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Bohuslav VÍŠEK

This article deals with trends of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) development in the frame of Network Enabled Capability (NEC) concept. There are described importance UAVs, areas of their military using and inter operability issues in NEC. Article presents information about operation requirements on the technology elements of UAVs and trends of their commitment into different mission. Partly shows the orientation of their research and development.

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The War against Terrorism - an Alternative Aproach


Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States of America has been waging the so called "war against terrorism". There are, however, number of pitfalls associated with such an approach. In place of a vaguely defined and elusive broad concept represented by the "war against terrorism", the United States should adopt a clear and narrowly formulated strategy. The Bush administration should be realistic about its ability to eliminate terrorists all around the world. It should concentrate its wartime efforts on those areas only that are vital for terrorists´ ability to plan and operate; target those global terrorist organizations that pose the most immense and serious threat to the United States; and neutralize those political motives and underlying conditions that spawn terrorist attacks in areas most at risk. This article points to this direction. It articulates an alternative policy toward terrorism and provides guidelines for its implementation. The rationale of the proposed approach is evident after examining seven objectives of this policy. The costs, benefits and risks associated with these objectives are set forth, and the defining question is posed for the Bush administration: What is the end state of the "war against terrorism"?

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Security, Risks and Threats of the 21st Century


The article defines the concept of insecurity, which it considers a synthesis of the notions: threat, risk and danger. The author newly defines these terms and provides a coherent categorization of threats and risks in the 21st century.

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The Hardcore of Military Science


The article denes the military science in its range and complexity. It describes the subject and the substance of military science and points to the interconnection between the military science and natural and social sciences, both of which form systems of its systemic background. Finally, it describes mutual relations for the objectivization of relevant solutions of the armed contest and related issues.

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Dealing with the Long-term Outlook Conception

Antonín KRÁSNÝ*, Josef PROCHÁZKA**

This article is concerned with some basic ideas which might be relevant for preparation of strategic paper called “Long term outlook of MOD department development”. These ideas are focused on creation of such armed forces which will possess required operational capabilities for peace time strategic security environment. War time capabilities will be built up once the deterioration of strategic security environment is indicated. It is based on precondition that war conflict against Czech Republic and its allies is in the next 10 years unlikely to happen.

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Informatization of Institutions Operating with Strategic Studies


The article analyses from the point of view of their informative support the sample of 50 institutions researching strategic studies.

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