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Possible Influence of the Security Environment on the Czech Republic and its Armed Forces

Antonín KRÁSNÝ*, Oldřich SOCHA**

The article talks about global trends of the actual world, the development of security environment, the threats, risks and its military consequences to the Czech Republic.

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The Role of War in International Politics


Although war is no longer deemed to be a legitimate and proportionate means for resolving international disputes, war is still a valuable instrument of policy. The presented article analyses the role war plays in international politics. It explains the function of war from the perspectives of an individual state, the system of states, and the society of states, and describes limits established to control war. The article argues that despite the codication of jus contra bellum as a primary rule governing the conduct of interstate relations, war is not a fading social practice of international politics.

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Non-government Organizations in Defense Strategy of NATO

Aleksandra SKRABACZ

The aim of the article is to present the idea, genesis and functions of international non-governmental organizations in the contemporary world, also an attempt to locate non-governmental organizations in joint operations and drawing some conclusions and rules basing on observations and experiences in this area. Alvin and Heidi Tofflers called non-governmental organizations “global gladiators of the 21st century”. They more often participate in joint operations in conflict regions and become natural partners for military forces in performing their military missions.

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Entity Condition Change of an Asymmetrical Opponent

František ADAMČÍK*, Miroslav KELEMEN**

The paper deals with process and situation control of entity changes that would be a possible tool to effective solution of implementation approach to operations based on effects, overcoming contemporary and future security problems and using available tools of the state power for the defence of security interests.

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Terrorism - Historical Development

Pavel FOLTIN*, David ŘEHÁK**

The paper deals with a possible view of terrorism and a historical classification of its stages. Differences in the manifestation of terror and terrorism mainly on civilian population are considered to be the main factors classifying individual stages of terrorism. The main milestones are perceived to be the end of the 17th century, nationalistic stage ending by the outbreak of World War 1, and a period during the world wars. Cold War ending with the fall of Berlin wall and the current stage, so called the stage of Cold Peace, are the last two stages being studied.

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Strategic Documents and it´s Reflection in Department of Financial Resources for Requirement of ACR


Basic conditions for successful armed forces development lie in existence of security politics, as an issuing point for security strategy construction, forwarding defense strategy (MoD CR) and military strategy (GS ACR). Security doctrine is affecting not only a defense concept, but also expenses of defense spending affecting other public costs. It is apparent, that amount of nancial expenses for defense propositions is not possible exactly determine without existence of strategy. Despite of that fact, it is very common, that budget drives the strategy instead of inverse process, which is more logical. Existence of security politics is becoming one of the basic conditions for effective funds spending from a state budget concerning a defense expenses.

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The Armament Policy of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic

Jaroslav ŠVESTKA

The article represents political-science analysis of armaments of the Czech Armed Forces. Above all it denes content of the armament policy of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, its relevant context and possible future developments. It also deals with closely assosiated issue of defence equipment market, especially with its specic features and its European and international dimensions.

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Women in the Czech Armed Forces


The article presents selected results and findings of public opinion researches conducted in the Czech Armed Forces (AČR) concerned the gender situation in the armed forces. It refers to opinion of soldiers on the women engagement in the Czech Armed Forces.

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Conclusions from Conference Command and Control within NEC Environment

Antonín KRÁSNÝ

The article deals with conference "Command and Control within NEC Environment" and shows process and main conclusions of conference.

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