Modernization of French defence policy: a breakthrough or no change at all?


Shortly after his accession into the president’s office, Nicolas Sarkozy charged the defence minister Hervé Morin with writing a new White Book of Defence to reflect the up-to-date defence policy of France as well as adapt to the current and future threats. The book should be finished in spring 2008. Following the previous issues from 1972 and 1994, this will be the third White Book of Defence since the origin of the French Fifth Republic. We shall attempt at outlining some of its main concepts.

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Transformation of the Czech Ministry of Defence continues


This article is a summary of the “Transformation of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic” document and other supporting materials reviewed during its preparation. This article describes the content and objectives of the Czech Ministry of Defence transformation. It also lists resources allocated by the Government for its implementation in the next six years.

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