University of Defence
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Czech Republic

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The publisher of the Obrana a strategie journal is the University of Defence, the state military university, which holds an important place in the academic preparation of the officer corps of the professional Czech Army as well as in research activities of the Ministry of Defence. Education and research are therefore the school’s priorities, completed with expert and processing work.

The University of Defence provides for accredited education in bachelor, master and doctoral degree programmes on military, military manager, economic, technical or medical majors. The follow-on training at the UoD is organised in life education programmes in the forms of career purpose and special courses of post-gradual nature. The University of Defence takes an irreplaceable position in the Czech university-level education system as its graduates education is comparable to that of civilian colleges graduates in the Czech Republic.

The University is responsible for education of military professionals and other experts engaged in national security and defence based on the requests of the Army of the Czech Republic, government administration and treaty commitments for other democratic countries. Education is based on the latest knowledge on militarism, research and development in both national and international scales and internal research to provide for wide and general graduate profiles for their better assertion and career promotion under variable conditions of military environment. The versatile education enables the University graduates a better position also in civilian life.

Rather than special positions at the military units or facilities , the UoD education is to educate the students in knowledge allowing them to cope with control and command action requests. The students receive military and leadership skills mostly in extramural military training periods, within the basic training, basic officer course and special officer course. The comprehensive formation of the students – Czech military professionals-to-be – emphasises personality of a commander, cell officer or surgeon, high theoretical knowledge and practical readiness, physical condition, psychic hardness and language training. The UoD graduates are also ready and trained for engagement in the units deployed out of national territory and within the NATO actions.

The research and development policy follows the Czech government decrees and law related to research and development primarily within the University of Defence scope. It is particularly detailed in the research projects of the faculties and institutes, structured research administered by the responsible Czech military agencies, external and internal projects of the declared programs and the requirements made by the Army of the Czech Republic, government administration and defence industry.

The UoD academic staff have involved in defence research projects, technical science development projects, research projects and special research projects of colleges and universities. They have involved in the projects of the national and international grant agencies, NATO research institutions mainly on research and development programmes under process. The full- and associated professors work also for other international institutions responsible for research, standardisation acts, etc. Students, primarily of doctoral but master degree programs as well, have widely involved in research and development too.

The expert and processing activities of the University of Defence are done in favour of the Czech Republic Ministry of Defence, Czech Army General Staff and other government departments in cooperation with the the Training Command - Military Academy located in Vyskov.

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