Problems of Financial Resource Management in Defence and in Czech Armed Forces


Financial Problems of Defence are problems of public management. This situation needs change public management in public sector of CR. Causes of this problems are in public nancial management and they are objective and subjective character. We can see this problem from two levels. The most important level is political decision making process, so-called rst allocation –“for defence”. Second level is decision making process “in defence”. It is economy with resources in to Armed Forces, so called second allocation. I analyse present situation of nancial management like a part of management in the Czech Armed Forces. I analyse causes and search answers how rationalise nancial management processes. Ones of the possible ways is so-called new public management and his implementation in conditions of Czech Armed Forces.

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Project of the Fighter L-159 ALCA in Context of the Defence and Economy Policy of the Czech Republic

Bohuslav PERNICA

This article is a case study, which briefly summarize development in realization of the project of the Combat Airplane L-159 ALCA in the context of Czech Rep. defence and economic policy in period 1996—004. This is an example that pointed to the weaknesses of the connection of Czech Rep. defence and economic policy.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility – Military Implication and Legislation


This text inform about importance of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as discipline for defence and security support. This text inform about problems civil and military legislature in the area testing parameter EMC. Exploitation piece of knowledge from areas EMC getting at present ever more important of meaning and therefore is necessary to monitor chances of EMC in military sphere.

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The Supposed Political-Military Ambitions of the Latvia Republic after the Accession into the NATO


The author deals with the supposed political-military ambitions of the Latvia republic after the accession into the NATO. He describes possible variants of the use of the latvian armed forces in various operations. He stresses the combat and noncombat operations with which the armed forces take part. He concludes with the priority tasks for the area of building, preparation and use of the latvian armed forces.

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Manager in Crisis Situations

Rudolf HORÁK

The first part of this article presents an overview of emergency and crisis situations that mostly affect managers’ decision-making procesess. It further highlights a new phenomenon of public dangerousness - terrorism and its threat to the entire society. The subsequent part of this paper outlines managers’ attitudes and characteristics and their influence on management of emergency and crisis situations.

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English annotation

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