Resource Allocation Criteria and the Analytic Paradigm


Risk-based decision-making in reducing security risks is based on practical approach, usually a combination of rational and cognitive theories. In risk-management analytic, cybernetic, cognitive paradigms can be applied. The article discusses the application of the analytic paradigm in risk-management in the field of defence and civil emergency planning.

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Strategic Studies and Strategic Way of Thinking


The introduction to strategic studies evaluation and their impact on the strategic way of thinking. These issues are formed by subjective factors, sponsors and creators of strategic studies. Discussed are possibilities of the strategic studies evaluation and appraisal of the strategic thinking. Author demonstrates very subjective characters of the strategic thinking as one of forms of an individual thinking. He summarizes strategic studies limits and their characteristics. In the article shows possibilities of objective evaluation by proceeding of the systematic tools for analysis of the strategic studies management system.

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Efficient Acquisition Realization – Areas of Armament Strategy Realization


The article discusses the principals and way of efcient acquisition realization that is on the basic of the document on the National Strategy of Armament, approved by the Government, one of the pivotal areas of armament strategy realization. Armament strategy is realized to achieve and to develop operational capabilites of the Czech Republic Armed Forces and the strategy efciency is achieved at the rst place by optimalization of processes and organizational structures of the branch and by putting through the individual systems in the spere of military material acquisition.

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Strategy of the Military Institute of Science

Janusz MIKA

The article deals with problems of strategy in the Military Institute of Science. There are descriptions of function, organization and purpose of this Institute in years from 1919 to 1939 and from 1946 to 1947.

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Informace o přednáškovém cyklu NATO RTO/SAS

Josef JANOŠEC*, Vladimír ŠILHAN**

Text podává informaci o přednáškovém cyklu NATO RTO (Research and Technology Organisation) SAS-051 Lecture Series 243 "NATO Code of Best Practice (COBP) for C2 Assessment". Cyklus byl připraven panelem SAS (Studies, Analysis and Simulation) a bude realizován v průběhu podzimu 2004 ve Velké Británii, Brně a Turecku.

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English annotation

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