Development Trends in Armament of the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces


This article aims at information on development trends in armament of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Army and Airforce. Information on planned capabilities of the Netherlands Army and potentialities of defense industry is outlined as well as summary of modernization projects and force specialization tendencies. This paper presents possibilities of cooperation between the Netherlands and the Czech Republic in the area of modernization and defense industry.

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High-precision Weapons and side-effect Risk


This paper deals with possibilities of side-damage elimination during military operations. It provides fundamental information on characteristics and potentialities of introduced high-precision weapons.

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NAMSA – Important Element of Contemporary NATO Logistics


NAMSA (NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency) is one of the most important components of cooperative logistics providing services not only to NATO nations but also to nations allied within the Partnership for Peace. Its main mission is to provide logistic services related to support of weapon systems as well as armament and accouterment systems that are common for NATO nations.

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Role and Mission of the U.S. Internal Security Department

Oldřich KRULÍK

Establishment of the U.S. Internal Security Department as a new element in national security system. Summary of its genesis, structure and assignments. Basic outline of approaches to detailed information, including critiques of this decision.

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English annotation

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