Strategy of Implementation of the NATO Codification System in the Czech Republic


The importance of NATO Codification System is steadily increasing. The number of users of this “invisible” tool of national and international logistics worldwide is growing and the Czech Republic is involved in this System, too. As the first country of the former East Block, the CR MoD implemented in full this System known as the “Uniform System of Cataloging of Supplies” and uses its benefits for the supplies management. Lessons learned with running of the System resulted in creating legislative environment for enlargement of this System also outside the MoD, i.e. true establishment of the CR System of Cataloging. Anyhow, the only user of the NATO Codification Systems remains the MoD. Currently, there is not enough information available on this System and on its potential enlargement both into the military and civilian professional domain. This article, therefore, is an attempt to outline possible strategy of the future development of the NATO Codification System in the Czech Republic.

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