Pplk. Ing. Ivo PIKNER


Born in 1963. Graduated from Military Academy (VAAZ) in Brno (1986), automotive specialisation in tanks and automobiles. He was a chief officer of the motor service in the army (1986-1994). During 1995-2003 he worked at Military Academy in Brno, department of military intelligence and electronic combat (EB), first as an assistant professor, and since 2001 as a leader of the group for reconnaissance and foreign armies. Since the beginning of December 2007 he has been appointed as the deputy director of the ISS. Currently is the Chief Research Officer of the Department of Lifelong Learning Faculty of Economics and Management University of Defence in Brno. He studies the character and tendencies of development in military affairs, military strategy, art of operation and tactics. He is also dealing with the problem of use of armed forces in present and future operations and their impact on development of conceptual documentation. He is specialised in military intelligence, reconnaissance and use of weapon systems in operation.

(This CV and contact information are valid as of December 15, 2012.)